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i would love if come out a game exclusively bout ollie's life... seems his life is very complex... but wat i can do is seeing demensa's yt and fur affinity where have some more content not always game related... also demensa have a bandcamp and twitter... i ever get updated with his content hoping for a new game

oh yes this is a question i would love to know the answer... this is maybe the only VN i liked tbh and the story is way too awesome to just stop... i hope it expand a lot

what i mean is... i can open their profiles, but not add in a conversation

thank you for the answer, i will be keep looking when new updates come in... other thing.. u did a great job with it!

how do i select the others in general chat?

i am trying to use this to test if is worthy for when i make my future anime, but i plan on only use amd devices

i like the old graphics looking and im ever looking for this kind of games... but i got a feeling that this game will be something big! im very hype with it

hey.... im curious bout the book: a sad fantasy... is it avaliable to read ingame? or it will be a future release in a update or other game

here's the link: times at description

hello everyone.... i have found the good ending this night.... and im releasing a video with it on youtube.... so soon i share the link.... i really loved the game and the alternative ending it was really cute!  even if the game is very serious and sad.... maybe is my favorite game story ever