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1v1 me bro

  1. sssssssssssssssssssssaasasax
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1v1 12:00 UTC time tomorrow

1/2 people in pool

ignore and u a cat 



This game is so warm and wholesome and the art is so pretty and makes me treasure my friends more 

Thank you :)




wth i thought you were serious way after

now i wanna die T-T

that was so insensitive i shouldve though of it more I'm so sorry

wait fr
holy shiz i thought you were joking about you and me
ah I'm so fuggin sorry


i had no idea you liked crane's stuff too

good to see you here

find a bridge

why play it if you hated the original to begin with

or maybe you didn't even play idk u seem like that type of person

im glad to here that! can't wait to see the finished product!

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i have an idea for an update

it's like a new map where one play spawns behind the other,and its geometry is a few platforms (or maybe buildings which would probably be better)(if there's no floor)and if one player falls the round ends. It'll be like a parkour chase. i got this idea from the really cool physics-based movement and attacks. i thought "what if i ran away against my brother" so i wrote this to share with someone. i did a bad job at explaining so change whatever if you go through with this as you wish(it's your choice anyway lmao)i also think a countdown with this mode/map would be beneficial and i come to realize that buildings would be a better location as i imagine having more fun running on buildings and avoiding bonking walls than tedious platform jumps. im not exactly sure how easy making a function camera that follows this will be but i assume that may be a major turn-off for this game which is totally understandable. also maybe the map could be procedurally generated but idk how easy that would be either. i hope you take my idea into consideration. -Josh/K4

(copied from somewhere else on this page)


whos josh

Do you guys still update this game?


some guy

ik its ok thats why you are

1v1 now





hope you make something else like this
it was very cool

it was really funny but could someone explain the ending


you have mad potential

literally can't wait to see what else you put out

oh cool
cant wait to see it

any updates on this?

oh yea he's aware
i believe he said he'll fix it in the next patch

you can join the discord to ask questions directly to crane

(please don't unnecessarily ping him or bombard him with questions)


i love the feel of that game

did it run out yet

also 1v1 when

did it run out yet


Is the full version only on steam?I'm on a chromebook.

ok so my screenshot isnt showing but essentially it shows a sad face after loading and nothing else

this happens on chromebook