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Had a GREAT time with the game. Love the traditional puzzle solving and having to really scratch my head a few times before finding solutions. Very very good game.

However the epilogue DLC is VERY crash and bug prone. Upon reloading and hitting Continue after a crash, the game almost always bugs out and inexplicably returns to the portrait room from the end of the main game and reverts all progress back to that part of the main game. Only choice is to restart the epilogue all over, which I have done twice and am reluctant to do again lol. I'll return to the epilogue in the future when more patches are out. 

This is quite fun!! I haven't beaten it yet (if there IS an endgame), but so far I'm enjoying playing it. I was afraid it might be a FNAF copycat because it's in a pizzeria during the night shift and all, but I'm glad I was wrong--the setting is literally the only similarity imo. The rest of the game is unique and really interesting! I like that you roll a new character after each death rather than just replaying the same person with the same stats. Also, THANK you for making the screen flickering element a toggle option. My chronic headaches appreciate it. Will keep playing this for sure!

I LOVE this game. I've just completed the Sacrifice ending and I absolutely will be playing again for the Perfect ending. This game looks like a Zelda clone on the surface, and in its core gameplay and very bare NPC interactions that matches, but that's really where the similarities end for me. As far as the story itself and the story beats therein, it reminds me of the charm that Undertale gives off. It's clever without being obnoxious, and genuinely the "twist" after the 8th Archangel surprised me in a way that I very much enjoyed. I also appreciate the options for the art style, as well as being able to switch the glitch and flickering effects on or off (I love them, but near the end I got a headache looking at it so I was VERY thankful I could turn it off). I've been telling all my friends who bought the Racial Justice and Equality bundle that this is a "must play" for the top of their list. And anyone else--buy this and play this. It's been a joy and I'll likely play it on my (hilariously tiny) twitch channel one day soon.