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Thank you! i sure will!

actually, it appears unity has discontinued the 32 bit build option; sorry!

it has a bounce physics material, but i can increase its effect! i'll add a 32 win build!

I remembered this game when I woke up today, 2-3 years after I played it. You've managed to somehow creep into my subconscious! I think what triggered the memories was the subtle hum of my heater, it reminded me of the subtle hum of the streets around the main building (or maybe I just associate a hum with that area). I keenly remember the weird glowing alarm clock and trying to climb to the top of the main building via the radial steps and trying to interact with those weird asterisk things that drive down the streets and in random directions.

I really enjoyed just the ambiance of exploring a glowing, confusing city at night; thank you for this experience!