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I watched manlybadasshero play this and I loved it. It made sense why Cro got angry when you decided to ask him out. Very dedicated boi <3 

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my friends and I really loved the song that played in the cabin. It was so silly and cute sounding. We have a running joke where we’ll hum it randomly. :’ ) ba na na! ba na na! bananana! 🎵 

I played this game on console a few years back, it was very fun and the world was very interesting. The music was also really great! 

This was a real good ol fishin time. 

This game has aged SO well and was honestly way ahead of it's time. I watched pewds play this 8 years ago and watched it again last night and it was still just as amazing as i remember it! 

I just purchased the game and i'm so excited to play ^^ Is the full game released?

Oh my gosh~ The detail in this game! I love the small little easter eggs like if i make my name Sosig i get different dialog. and how the main menu changes if shadow soosig gets you. amazing game!

Thank you for the response! i look forward to purchasing the full game :)

I wonder when the full game will be released? :)

Oh my gosh. i just finished Markipliers demo playthough of this gorgeous game. The art really spoke to me..i was in so much awe at the amount of little details in just about everything. Like the cute little angel above Bo's memorial that Tex made. The textures,colors,and ideas behind every inch of this game are just beautifully drawn. It's so creepily cute. I'm in love. The characters are also so well written and adorable! my husband and i love how fierce Chook is, also his little "bok boks" when it's his turn to talk. I can never get tired of it. I'm really looking forward to the full version! Also, Please make a facebook~ i would love to see more of your art! ~^^~