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Kimana Izarra

A member registered Mar 23, 2017

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Great little game. The lighting and thunder on the title screen were awesome.

I am very nervous when I record, but I decided to play your game and loved it.

Beautiful game once again! I really enjoyed this.

I have gotten through three chapters so far and can't wait to get to the last part. I need to find Oliver!

I enjoyed Yuurei Station, so I thought I'd come play another of your games. I love it! Amazing art as before! 

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This is what usually happens. Not sure it's somethig y'all can fix, though.

I've tried, unfortunately I am having trouble with OBS. It doesn't want to capture right. I can take a screenshot so you can see what happens.

Just started, but already loving it. Started with Carmelita. Just with my recording programme would work. That is, if you didn't mind recording it. Can't wait to continue.

Fantasy Quest community · Created a new topic Very Buggy

Unfortunately, I couldn't get very far because the space bar wanted to keep bugging out. It looks beautiful and I would like to try again, but I can't get anywhere right now.

I did a playthrough of this game. Beautiful art guys!