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kim deogho

A member registered May 18, 2022

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I am a big fan of yours and I have purchased all the assets. Fantastic. In particular, the monster quality is enough to make want to purchase it separately.

I bought an asset. Could you please add a priest hat and a wizard hat here? It's a very good asset, but it's not enough to be a job mark

It seems that one image file is missing. 
Can I get the file below?  

thank you!!

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hello. I am making a game with lovely map tiles. 

However, the tile with water is not visible. 

Tileset-Animated Terrains-16 frames.png
Tileset-Animated Terrains-8 frames.png
Tileset-Animated Terrains2-16 frames-with transparency.png
Tileset-Animated Terrains2-16 frames.png

There seems to be a file there, but it is not included in the file I downloaded.
(EPIC RPG World Pack - Ancient Ruins V 1.6.1)

How can I get it?