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done ! :P

woops, seems like third map is bugged, you can't kill the prey o_o

gonna fix that

done :P

I am aware that some of the red bouncing objects don't push you high enough in the sky to go on top of the elements, will resolve that in next patch ! (In less than 24h)
Increasing the push force by 10%

There is now 3 maps in the game :P

I've just added a new map :P hope I see you all in it :P

Hi ! I would love to have your feedback on my new prop hunt game ! it is currently in development and I would love if maybe you can try it and give me some advice / new ideas or impression of the game ! Im very open and I would be very happy !! Thank you everybody ! 

Ho and also, if you see some english mistakes in the game  be sure to hit me up XD english isn't my first language so it's kinda hard to deal with x)

OOUF ! just found it ! forgot to update my photon view, thank you so much dude would not have found it that fast without you

oh no XD i hope it's not because now i use physic to move character plz no XDDD was so hard to get the right way XD

There is now 2 maps in the game !

thank you so much :P Ive a second map in developpment with 8 new items :p And will probably do 3 variant of item positions per map just to randomise everything :P

Be ready for a brand new map in approx 1 week :P this time you will be inside a saloon ! And be able to become a chair, piano, piano chair, whine, table, bar stool, a clock, and more :P

ah yeah i see :P like 3-4 variations per map and i change every object localisation ! thanks for the trick :P im so happy lol

omg im so happy that you commented !!! Thank you so much ! Yes I know I should generate the map, but im affraid that the objects would be on top of each other sometimes, but I think im just gonna make another map :P In the desert

Hey guys :P Should I put 10 bullets instead of 12 ?

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Hello ! :) I just made a Multiplayer (online) Prop Hunt game in unity and I would love if you guys could try it and give me your opinion about it  :P You can Play in Browser :P
In the game you can play as a hunter or as a prey ! 

Attention, you need to be atleast 2 player (online) in the same room to play ! Which mean you'll have to grab a friend, or maybe wait in a room for a while :/ That's how online multiplayer works I guess xD

Here's the game ! :P ->


Prey :

Hide from the hunter, you can become every object in the map even trees !!
You whistle and Jump after a certain amount of time so watch out, if the Hunter sees you you'll have no choice but to escape ! 
Survive until the Hunter has 0 bullet and you WON !

Hunter :

You have 12 bullets to find and eleminate the prey :P watch out, 12 bullets aren't a lot :P
Kill the Prey and you WON !


Youtube video of the game (Sorry im french so the video is french XD ) :

Hope to see you all giving it a try :P Thanks ! :)

Would love to have your comments on the game and on how you liked it :P

Also on how I could make it better

this version 3.0 should be up soon

Update, I've now add a leaderboard to the game and an ultimate (Q) that does a slow motion for 10 secs !

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I would love to have some comments if you have tried the game :P

J'aimerais beaucoup avoir vos commentaire si vous essayez le jeu :P

If you want you can send your highest score in the "Infini" game mode :P

Mine is 196 :P GL beating it :P