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Hey, sorry I would have loved to, but I am working on another game right now which I released on Steam :/

Im very sorry :/ But thank you again for your comment ! It makes me very happy ! :)

Hey ! Thank you for your comment ! Happy that you had some fun ! :)

Yeah sorry haha, it was just a summer project in between school sessions :P

Thank you for your comment ! :)

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Hey guys ! Im publishing on Steam for the first time ! The name of the game is AI Battle Royale Generator, if you are interested here is the Steam link :

Thank you ! :)

Nicee :P Thank you for the comment !! Every time I see a comment it makes me happy !


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Yeah sorry :/ The number of players have decreased by 400%, finding a game is gonna be harder :/ But not impossible if you have time haha !

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Thank you ! But I think YOU rock my friend :P

Btw You are so good for writting with squares XD way better than me lol

Heyyy ! I am doing good ! How about you ? :P Your comment makes me feel very happy ! haha Thank you so much !

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Sorry since 1-2 weeks the game has a very low player count :/ Sorry man

Sorry guys, the game is now pretty much dead, averaging 30 players per day (1 month ago it was 150 and 3 months ago it was 350)

Finding a game is gonna be very hard ! Sorry guys ! Nothing I can do :/

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Im so happy XD I made that game during a summer break XD didn't expect it to get 50k players XDD

Thank you ! :)

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Hey, is it the game loading or is it finding a player that is long?

The first time you run the game will take the longer since all the assets needs to load ! But after that, everytime you'll launch the game, it will takes less than 10 seconds !

Sometime if the loading bar is stuck, you might want to try and refresh the page

Thanks ! :)

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Sorry guys, the game has way less players than before :/ So finding a game could be hard :/

If you find it long, you can let the tab open while searching for players.

I've made that if a player is found, it says "Heyyyy you are two !" so you guys can hear it even if you are on another tab !

So don't worry ! You can let the tab open and go do other things while searching for a second player !

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I'll do some games with you if you want

I do my games with Unity (Game Engine)

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Thanks for telling me ! Unfortunatly I can't fix it now :/ I stopped the developpement of this game a while back :/ And since I have very poor internet, I would have to redownload the good unity version, then fix the bug and then reupload the good version, which would be an easy fix, but very long since my internet is bad :/ Sorry

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Please don't spam the comment section haha ! Had to delete some comments ! This isn't a chatroom haha :P

Btw thanks to everybody that still play the game !

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Hello, would you mind telling me on which map?

I wish I did at the begining haha ! Unfortunatly, I have alot of other projects to do :/ I would love to do it, but this project is so old that I have the fear to break something if I touch it hahaha

Thank you ! :)

Thank you ! :) I hope you liked it even if it's in french haha !

Hey Coop ! Thank you ! Yeah sometimes it's very long until you get a game :/ I did my best to make it popular (I posted somes videos on my youtube channel, twitter, etc) But yeah since im not very popular, it helped but not that much haha ! Yeah it would be nice if you want to post it on your social media :) Would be very nice !

Thank's for the comment !

Wow ! Thanks lol ! I thought my code was not that great since it was my first time making a multiplayer game haha ! I had a pretty hard time ! Thank you I really appreciate the comment !

Hey ! I would love to upload it on github, but the problem is that it weight like 3gb and I've got a 0.75 mbps upload XD so It would takes ages xD sorry x)

Hey :P

:/ Sadly the player count as dropped from +- 500 players/day to +- 150 :/

Sorry :/ Not much I can do :(

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Thank you ! Yeah it's pretty annoying :/ I would love to put a bot so you can play alone, but unfortunatly it would be very hard to do :/ Since you would need an AI that is balanced and for this game I don't know how I could balance it :/ Sorry...

I could use machine learning but at the end there would be too much randomness if I dont train it enough, and if I train it too much, it would use bugs to win :/

It's Kilz Knight :P but it's in french :/

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It doesn't have a name yet unfortunately XD And it isn't out yet :c I only have videos of the devlogs on my youtube channel haha !

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Im so sorry :( I won't be able to make bigger lobbies because when I coded the game it was my first time with multiplayer code and so with the way the game is made, I would have to rewrite all the code to be able do to more than 1v1's :/

For maps I would love to do more, but my usb key which had the newest gamefiles died and now im left with an older version which only contains 2 of the 3 maps :/ I could redo it, but since im working on a new project I prefer to let it like that :/ Sorry !

Thanks for your comment btw !! I Really appreciate it !! :)

Thanks to everyone who play the game !! It makes me feel so happy to see that much people playing a game that I made while I was in a school break !!!

Thank you so much !!!

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Thanks ! Hope you will enjoy it !

Sorry :/ That means the other player is quitting the game

I hope you will like it ! :P