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Hi there, I'm about to wrap up a level 1-20 DnD5e game for my players and I only just stumbled across this. It looks perfect, especially since it might be the last game I'll play with them as I'll be moving to another city soon. Thing is, we're in Taiwan and I really want to get my hands on the physical copy! Can you give me any idea of how long the shipping would take? Also, does the physical version include a pdf as well in case it goes into postal limbo and arrives too late?

For what it's worth I reckon it'll be 5-6 weeks before we finish.

Thanks for the heads up, I contacted them a while back and they said it'd be up soon so I've been checking back every couple of days. Just got my order in and can't wait to try it out!

Fantastic, thanks!

Sorry to ask the same question seen so often in these comments, but any physical copies available now? I checked Spear Witch, Exalted Funeral and TKG, but no luck.

Yay, my copy of this and part 2 finally arrived in Taiwan! Only had time to flick through them so far, but they're gorgeous and I can't wait to get stuck in. The Midnight Society tweets are one of the very few things I'll miss about social media now that all my accounts are closed. Thanks for the great many chuckles you've provided.