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Awesome news! :)

What is fixed, you ask?

  1.  The game is playable again! Which is good for a game. 
  2.  Level cleared had a wierd UI image stretched, but is not anymore!

Thanks for letting us know! We will check it out asap!

New things added in the latest 1.2 patch! 

  • You can play a tutorial level now!
  • You can continue from your last played level now from the main menu, saving is done automatically at the start of each level.
  • Added lights (volumetric wooh!) to point to the Gifts scattered around the levels, easier to spot now.
  • Some texture reworks
  • Interactable stuff now shows which button you have to press all the time (this will be optional later)
  • The Easter Egg is actually reachable now
  • Cinematics got subtitles!

Awesome, looking forward to the feedback! <3

Great feedback! The flying letters are added now, and basic save/load from the last scene you were in. We will take a look at that mod support, it seems like a fun idea :D

Hello awesomes!

Have you played the game yet? What did you think? 

As we are gonna keep updating this game with more content and stuff to play around with, what would you like to see in-game? 

Any feedback will help us improve the game! :)

Thanks for the feedback, showing the input on interactables is a very good idea! We are gonna keep updating the game with more content, so any feedback is very appreciated :)

Thanks! There will be a patch out soon that will fix some of those issues :)

<3 awww, you are soooo cute! <3 thank you thank you!!!

Thank you Jeff!<3 

So happy you enjoyed it!!! Thank you :D

<3 thank you Eli <3 

Thank you Raap!!! <3 

That's great news! <3 thank you so much Eclectic ;)

So kind Vampirschi <3 thank you!!! 

wooohooooo!!! me likey what you say ;) thank you :D

Awesome! Thank you BBook!^^

Thank you so much Paco!!!

Hi Sandpixie! We soon are revealing the date. The release is before October ends. But we are positive it can be even earlier! Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube if you like! :D

1. Yes! Available now!

2. There are plans, yes! But can't confirm for sure yet.

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Hi Ryshglene! We are a small team and to have several builds of same demo DRM free and with DRM... it makes it really difficult for us to keep everything updated. Our idea is to fix all bugs we can gather this week and fix the main build and after that we might be uploading Mac and Linux versions as well if it works.