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Glad I can help ^-^

Endoras Box community · Created a new topic Let's Play
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This game is breadtastic!!!!. The only frustrating/confusing part was the door puzzle at the end. I feel like it wasn't explained very well (Or maybe I just didn't get it??). Other than that, I really enjoyed playing. I'm looking forward to playing the full game!


The top download link marked (PC) is for Windows ^-^

Really loved this game! Hope more gets added to it some day! <3

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I've never booty popped so much in my life! You NEED to play this! See the video here.

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LOVE this! I would love to see more added to it one day, but as is it's already awesome!

I had a lot of fun creating this Let's Play

So cuuuuuuttteeeeeeee!!!! Loves <3 Controls take a second to get use to, but they woek well.