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So it's like a rare Pokémon card type shit. Whoever got it before it cost money is the chosen one

10/10 Great Game

its in survival genre for a reason

I love the idea that every single one will be able to be fucked cant wait for the 02 route and the Rebbeca route

Keep up the amazing work 

Thank you for the fantasy we all wanted 

Can't wait for 0.5

yo homie never responded

TerraCraft community · Created a new topic Forum
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Yo IDK if it's just me, but the forum is inaccessible is says this 

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in

So yeah IDK if you didn't renew the IP/address, because I wanted to host a server but now can't because I don't know how to

Also great game btw.


loove the game btw

gave me a good scare also pretty funny cant wait for further updates

Gave me a good laugh 9 /10

just wished there were more maps and monsters

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Damn you lucky I missed GMS1 it's kinda sad that they made it to be on subscription now and not a one time payment

Are you using their GML Block or their GML code? 
Also is GameMaker: studio priced or not?
Cause If I remember correctly GameMaker is free but GameMaker: studio is pay to use or I'm just dumb and forgot

oop he mad


dumb ass 

he posted this 2 year ago on august 15 2020   and Steven's doot deternal was posted on march 18 2021  (do you not know how to read)

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heheh  funny number 69    


first try 99.5 second tr 68.2 third try 74.9

68.2 is my best

did you just say music pls like the maker of the game was your slave cause it kinda sounded like it

kid: mom can we have skate 3 

mom: we already have it at home

skate 3 at home ^

lol i love it


can you make  q and e tilt left and right other than that and no one to fight it is really good

it is what we call a demo it shows you bits of the game so you want to play it even tho it is still in development ( even tho they dont specify it they do in the game they say to be continued


Idk what just happened

I could walk around outside the boat but could not get back in the boat

Please add a save button or somethin

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can you make it that it supports 1090 1080 p or something it doesnt switch to fullscreen it says the graphic mode is not supported

i dont care if i have to use strech res too

wow that was really cool

My experience
click the button to close it ok easy

why does it keep going back up

sh*t who's foot is that 

*light turn off* 

What the f*ck just happened

*power comes back on*

*I click button*

*guy come in the garage with me getting a small heart attack *

me: spams the button to close garage

also me: shit i am doomed

great potential keep going dont let hate stop you

the only problem is that kevin games said it was online this game is single player so kevin games lied

That should be his next update crewmate  or add more maps

there is no imposter or other so nah u cant be imposter