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That's awesome congratulations 😁 

You’re welcome!  😁

Very cool game , I love the graphics and I was not expecting that ending

you’re welcome, I really enjoyed playing it 😁

This is such amazing art , I love it 

Its a very beautiful game , the story was well told and I love the artwork.

You're Welcome 😊

It's a really interesting story , I like it . 

This is such an adorable

game, I love it!

I love the artwork , very retro , I am a little confused by the endings ,

but that's not a bad thing . 

Cool game , I am not sure 

if the fish rescued us or we rescued ourselves 

It's a really beautiful game , a little sad personally,

but very beautiful.

It's a very pretty game , and I love the story 😊

This was fun , I really liked the walk through the snow 😊

I really like this , I was surprised by a couple of the endings 😁

This was so difficult but so much fun , I had to redo the 3rd one over and over lol 🤣

This was an amazing demo , I had so much fun playing it , it took me awhile to  figure out all of the endings. 

You're welcome , It was really fun 😁

Very nice , I really liked the secret ending , I found it by accident 😁

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This was so much fun , and I love how  the story unfolds! 

This was a real cool game , I didn't know what to expect at first, but I am glad I continued playing more then once 10/10!

I love the update , super spooky looking , I can't wait to play the full game 😁

I love the artwork , it is so good , and it's a unique  story indeed. I  am looking forward to finding out what happens next. 😊

okay thank you for the hint  hood to know where I was messing up 😁

After the flush he just shrugs , and if you look in the toilet nothing has changed. 

I can't get the chemical mixture to work , I add all of the it to the toilet after heating up the Mr.shiny up on the stovetop, I tried many different combinations to adding the 3chemicals  to the toilet , and nothing happens.

You're welcome , I had a lot of fun making the video 😊

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You're welcome , It's  such a cozy and cute game , but still great with the Halloween theme 😊

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This is a really good game , it made me want to play more of it to see more hidden secrets , and the art is nice as well 😁

Such a cute character design , I loved how deep the story went 

Such a cute witch! , I love how nice she is 😊

You're welcome , I'm glad you liked the video , It was super fun to make 😁

this is such a cool game , the voice actors really made it even more cool and it was super cool to begin with !

I can't wait for prt 2

This was a really good game , I can't wait to see what's next 😁

This was

amazing!! I loved the Endings, I don't know if I got all of them but .. it was so good. 😁

This is such a cute game! I had so much fun picking out clothes 😊

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This was a very interesting game , I wasn't sure what to expect , but I was wrong he really is our friend 😊

I loved this game , it was very spooky but amazing to play 

I really like the visuals , it truly makes you feel like your dreaming.

Very nice game , I really liked the impact it had on me 😁