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or when its downloaded double click *stick it to the stickman* then *stickman data* will show up under that should be *stick man neuro or social (which ever one you downloaded)* double click that then click extract when it pops up then click ok then itll downlaod and then you should take you to a page click on the stick it to the stickman

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turn off motion blur



typical karen, and after he does this he will laugh because he thinks he's won by making yall yell or tell him how dumb he is.


amazing, this is fun

1. Ok well u do now (srry for being rude)

2. but that would just be a waste of time, cause if they sus you, you cant do anything about it.

3. There is a difficulty setting, its call "change the kill timer" and "Give crewmates less tasks"

4. Ye u didn't know that? Welp, now you do :D, But only if ur in somebody's light view.

5.  Yes fr some reason, he needs to fix that.

consential hug? nah thats a kiss

k thz

ye no


im dead bro that was actually funny

thats just u dude my work perfecty


no dude thats just u 

never gonna let u go

who rick astley

long live......the king

first of all only like 2 people are working on this so it'll take some time.

2nd whats the point of chat if ur just talking to ai

3rd there is absolutely no reason for a difficulty changer

4rth they cant see u kill with lights off its just that if u close to somebody and u kill someone else they will know its u

thats all cause you are dumb so stop talking like this to klopity you absolute nobody.


you add the  coats

u r welcome


im with ya

score 1,500

score 1,400

it's easy it does it auto all u gatta do is click the file among us 3d and click extract then after the download click among us 3d and then you wait and after that you can play the game

it works great game 

thz for the instruction

for those who it doesn't work for u have to wait

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r u sure about that im not laing

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e- for vents

f- for sabotage

q- for kill

m - for reactor

click on it

i thouhgt you were better than this

Thank you, SIR.

this war was started by you now finish it

it will...... never end hehehehe

yeeeeee lets tell him

click on the future of among us and read what he has to say

ooooohh i understand 


no fuck u