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It's not worth "free". I want my "free" refunded!! lol  Focus on Tentacle Locker!!! Many people have great ideas for Tentacle Locker!

They're going to make a Hentai Anime out of this someday!! lolololol XD

How about "U button" for shirt up option?? How about mouse only controls like wheel = scrolling left / right, left click to grab, second left click to get inside locker view + advance scene, right click to let the girl go, wheel click for shirt up. I love the game!! Can't wait for the next update!!

VR!!!!! Make it a VR title!! Oculus Rulez!!!

Could we please have an option to let the right joy stick rotate us smoothly with no buttons held? (Oculus)

How do you start the game?? I'm on the title screen with no hands / pointer. None of the buttons on my Oculus Rift controllers do anything.

Does this game have "smooth motion locomotion"? That's where the left controller moves you in all directions and the right controller rotates you.

Fun game!! It just needs 2 little improvements! 1. a recenter button and 2. Fire facelaser from Oculus Rift controller buttons!! Rotation from the right controller would be nice also!! :)

English please!!!? It looks very interesting but I only understand English. Could we get smooth rotation on the right controller? My Oculus Rift looses tracking if I turn my head too far.

Yes!! Exactly!!! Please add a smooth turning option to the right controller and I will be a fan of this game FOREVER!!!! (Rift)