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Kill Idol

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Ah thank you for the nice comments and the notes! Looks like it my expedition to put everything up, I uploaded an older manual export x_x

Some of the issues I know exactly what I gotta do to fix them(like the battle bg, the dual entrances) but for some of the errors, they are a tad bit over my head, but I'll look into them! Thanks again!

Glad you enjoyed it! And thats a peculiar error! I wonder what could have caused it, but I'll do the same just in case!

Oh cool, thanks for trying it out!

Thanks for giving it a go! I'm not entirely sure at the moment, as it's been a while since I played through it myself. But I'll take a peak for ya when I get the chance. I'll just reply to your comment again when I find out!

Thanks for taking the time to play my game and write this out! My schedule is a little wonky usually so I haven't planned a specific moment for coming back and tuning this up, but I'm adding some of your notes to my "to-do" list, for whenever I get the chance!

I appreciate the feedback and hope to fix some of that soon though! Thanks again~

Glad the issue had some kind of fix to it!

I re-posted my reply into the comments of your youtube page! I figured that would be more beneficial for your channel!  Thanks agian for playing!

I'm on Chrome and now that I think of it, I do have a few add ons that could be interfering with it! I'll just download it! Thanks!

Might just be me, but when trying to play it on my browser, I can only see the text, but no other aspects of the game shows up!

Awesome, can't wait!