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Oh!  Question, will you be adding netplay in the future?

I love this spin on Metal Slug!  Outright laughed out loud whenever they gave me bricks to break the shit out of the boss.  Keep up the good work, and I can't wait for more!

absolutely amazing artstyle and gameplay!

trying to convince my friends to play the multiplayer with me as i speak lol

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iirc new characters that'll be coming out (rn it's just robot), steam matchmaking, and customization as well as updates, new moves, and tons of other new stuff

ivysly already said no

he needs it

There can be sprites that have a red border around them that are not on the atlas, is there a way to automatically delete all the viewable sprites (ones without the red border)?

Also is there a way to remove all viewable sprites in the atlas?  It'll be useful for fighting games that need a lot of sprites for animation.

Do you plan on making this a library?

The music and art style is exceptional, and I really enjoyed the concept of the game!  It's a bit of a mix between Brain Age and the ever so popular rouge-like game!  Sadly the execution is rather lackluster, while the main swipe attack works very nicely, the shapes are hard to register and you end up just getting the wrong spell, and the rooms are far too big with such a small screen on it, it makes running into enemies and dying instantly very easy to do.  I feel that if the rooms were put into sections, about the size of the screen, and the drawing was fixed to remove the size limits and register as shapes, as well as maybe increasing the game's overall speed, this game would be super fun!

aren't these assets from mm8bdm?

Is there a way to set up multiplayer since EDuke32 has multiplayer?

Amazing so far! Can't wait for updates/the full game!