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Hi! So at level 1, there was this bug when I pressed [SHIFT] + [W] it didn't go up? Sometimes it did go up but there are other times where it didn't.

I was playing the game and then I went to the kitchen and interacted with the fridge and grabbed some milk and then the game reset? Can someone tell me why this happened? I saved the game before.

This was a very cute and short game!

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If you're finished just go up!

It was a short but nice game :), it was really fun and I enjoy the concept that the dog was trying to make their family feel better and it was super sweet!

It's an adorable and wholesome game, too bad it was short; It was very fun and I would recommend you play it if you haven't!

Hello! I haven't played the game yet but I have a question, is this a horror game?


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What part were you struggling on? I could let you know!

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This game was so cute and amazing! And I hope that the game gets updated and becomes longer! Maybe continue trying to navigate the cats to go to a pet shelter while going through obstacles! I think it would be fun!

Hi! Is there only one ending? Besides the one where you leave.

I liked it! It was super fun.

OMG, when I saw this game I just got a blackout like not joking. Like instant blackout, like when I finished reading the title.

I liked the demo! It was super fun!! Hopefully, the full version releases soon! I'm not gonna say any spoilers just in case someone who hasn't played the demo get spoiled!

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Sorry, but when I got my first jumpscare I instantly uninstalled the game, I'm sorry! Btw it's night time rn. Sorry I didn't get to experience the whole game! I didn't think this game would be scary.

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I love the game so much! I also loved the moral of the story, Btw I bought the Red Trees EN and it took me 2 days to complete. Also, can you guys let me know how to solve the cat, bunny, and flowers riddle? At the forest?