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First monster inhabiting the island. Needs to attack you.

Next up, making it attack you and collision so you can hide behind things.

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Hey everyone, this is my first jam.

This weekend I worked on a multiplayer survival game I'm calling Tiny Monster Isle. You're trapped on an island with a bunch of other players and you have to survive swarms of monsters and each other. Sorry if this is cheating a little, but this game would only exist in a world where gameboys were WiFi capable.

Thus far, I've got some pretty basic networking code (starting a server, interpolation, player prediction, etc.). You can move around, pick up a gun (not sure why there are guns on a remote island), and shoot each other. No monsters yet, I'm gonna some this week after work. Here's a GIF of some gameplay (as you can see I'm a programmer, not an artist):

Here's me testing the networking code. There's still a few issues with the interpolation, but good enough for a first pass.

Next up, will be adding some monsters, expanding the environment, adding basic collision so you can hide behind stuff, and improving the network code a bit. After that I'll probably try to get some people together for a play test if anybody is interested.

Good Night everyone! And thanks for listening.