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Interesting idea, would like to see it expanded with more structure or variety in the future.

Cool game, although I wasn't sure about the controls at the beginning. I like the art style, did you make the assets for the jam?

Nice, wish there were more levels but the idea is a good one.

Simple concept but nicely excecuted.

Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I should add a sensitivity slider in a future version.

Is this windows only?

Nice game, I could definitely see it being good for speedrunning. Unfortunately my reflexes are a bit slow, I have some trouble switching abilities at the right moment.

Definitely a unique control scheme, it's satisfying when you get the hang of it. I don't have Windows, but it worked fine on Mac.

The croissants are just a bit stale.

Hence why it’s clearly marked as a “prototype”...

axo k ñ intendei mas gostei msm

Just wondering if anyone is currently working on anything for this, or am I the only one?