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HHHHH I love this game, it's a great de-stresser. It's all about connecting with the world and people around you. Sure, you have a goal, but you can continue to play the game after completing. There's no game over, no losing, and sometimes after a stressful day or week or month you just really really need that. The island you explore is gorgeous, the writing is fun, and the music ties it all together wonderfully. 

I really enjoy gliding from great heights down the mountain, seeing all the places I've found and people I've met. I have ADHD, so focusing on one task can be difficult. Luckily, this game rewards my very "oh what's that wait who's this hold on there's a neat thing over there wait where I am I" kind of play. And the island is small enough that it's fairly easy to find the path you were originally following.

This is a low-stakes, chill game. You don't need to worry about time limits or fall damage or stats or any of that. Just wander around a pretty environment with nice music and good character interactions. And you can buy a hat!!!

I just finished A Mortician's Tale and I must say... wow. Good job. I'm usually kind of squicky around death, but the charming look of this game convinced me to give it a shot, and I'm glad I did. It was educational on funerals, showing their practicality and different options. It's making me consider what I want to include in a will regarding burial. It really helped me confront topics I usually shy away from and made them accessible.
The gameplay was meditative and inviting. It was surprisingly calming, and I had a hard time walking away from it. It might be odd to say about a game about death, but this game was kind and inviting.
The use of the emails was very effective at filling in Charlie's life outside of work, and gave her more personality than we would've seen otherwise.
Spoilery from now on:

-I really really appreciate being able to skip the preparations for the suicide victim. I don't think I could handle that, and the writing made it clear that having that boundary was okay.
-Speaking of writing, the writing overall was so incredibly solid. There were subtle things I picked up on, like who address Charlie as "Charlotte." I swear, after Rose and Daughters was bought, I swear the instructions during the funeral prep were less... enthusiastic? I could've been projecting though because, well,
- This game really showed me how death is just another business opportunity to some. I am aghast at the Hillside whatever gggg they make me so MAD and it's so upsetting that the business practices showed here are based on reality. "Oh we get to bury unclaimed bodies this is a great business venture for us" shut UP those were people!
-Amy Rose referring to each body by name vs CHAD or whatever calling them "cadavers" and trying to sell funeral packages. This difference in respect is shocking. Oh don't get me started on the funeral packages that are RANKED like MEDALS. Like it's a competition over which package is the "most most special and respectful" ugh
- I am so proud of Charlie. I'm so proud of her starting her own business. When I was reading her funeral home's website, I honestly teared up. It was so refreshing. It was optimistic. I want to find a funeral home like that for myself when I gotta, honestly.

Really, well-done, and congrats to the whole team. This one will stick with me.