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Gosh, I really am excited for this one too. Honestly, the depth y'all give to the MC's of each game is really wonderful, and though Mira will probably remain my favourite protagonist, it's really nice seeing there's much more to Maia than what we saw previously. The guys seem intriguing as well - it's quite nice how different and well, human, each character is, especially when you've already done two other full games with side characters, and everyone having their own worries and motivations is amazing. 

I do wonder about our fourth mystery person, though, what with the last Dreamscape and the slightly different coloured ice (which is a really nice feature, although not too apparent as I only noticed that you could click on the bracelet on the very last day.) 

A few typos/things I noticed along the way:

Park intro - "Walking with no goal in mind and letting my thoughts wonder..." - "wonder" should be wander"

"It wasn't like I resembled by dad that strongly either." - "by" to "my"

"Students student" - as mentioned by another commenter?

"I'm Maia and who might you be?" - perhaps a comma after "Maia"?

"I think what miss Cosgrove is trying to say is that she's not dressed for the water." - "miss" isn't capitalized

Game scene: "//Sure//" - The in-game text doesn't pop up until after Maia has her inner monologue. The Obsidian text and RedPersephone text also pop-up both at once directly after that. (If you don't watch the Dreamscape first and choose to game instead on Monday the 15th)

Anyhow, thank you so much for releasing the demo, and hope y'all have a Happy New Year!

I've loved playing through this game so far! It really does remind me of when I'd be using MSN, chatting with friends and overusing emoticons. The blogs were really cool, as was the choice interface! The dialogue was really natural too, and props for the animation for the webcam. (And all this for NaNoReNo? Geez, to do this under such time constraints is amazing.) The characters hit me real hard with the conversations I'd have myself back then, and it felt so nostalgic to relive it!

And now, to admit this: I've done several playthroughs of the game already, and I can't seem to manage any ending except for the first one. I've tried the advice below, but somehow I can never make it work! Any hints as to how I could unlock the other endings? ;)