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hahahahhaa. Ok ok. A great job always requires time.

I will wait.

When when wheeen?! *screams*

Hahahahaha. Of course my dood. I've been trying to do my stuff too 😂 I get you.

From the last time I played the game it had changed a lot. I like the effects, they make me feel more immerse. Also It bursts adrenaline when you get hit because of that shake. Pretty pretty great dood.

You are right Ninus. I will be adding a screen for when you die of hunger and also some other few things. Your idea gave me more ideas that I just wrote down Hahahaha.

Thanks for your feedback :D

Also, I am very glad you came back to see the current status of the game.

Thank you Pal. I am looking forward to add more stuff to my game. I am still working on something new.


This is entertaining. It gets my heart to bump even more. HAHAHA Anxiety!

Thanks Penzy! :D

yeah right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Woooow. The game changed a lot for good. Great Job!

Thank you dude. I wish the same for you. :')

Great game dude. I love the ambiance and how hard it is to get to the top. I reached level 3.

OMG I am not good at mental calculations hahahaha. Great game. This is a perfect brain training game.

Thank you None, I am glad you studied the game at such detail! Also you can see, when you die, the face of the cat gets a X_X face hahahhaha. Also no problem at all about your request, in fact it was really flattering to me.
There are two things I didn't make; one is the music which I forgot to put into the credits, and the second one is the font which I got from google fonts if I am not wrong.

And finally, of course! It was my first game and I still plan to add some more stuff that I hope everyone enjoys. Later I'll try to make my own music :D.
Thanks Again None for taking your time with my game.

Weird. But that scene is almost near the end of this version...

I uploaded it None!

I don't have any built yet but I will export it for Windows today in some hours cause it is 1.46am Right now. :') I got work until 9pm. I hope you can wait for me to upload it.

Thank you for looking forward to play it. 

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Awesome game! Germs ate me at the end. HAHAHA

Morse on!

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HAHAHA Thank you potipot. Yes It is meant to be hard but sometimes it just says "NOPE" and then *crack*.

When I first created this level it used to turn red while this song played. But of course Copyright.

This looks amazing. I love the look of the hero that also stands alone trying to defend the fort.

Thank you Insane Scatterbrain. :D I am glad you enjoyed it.

It gets pretty hard at 705points almost like the universe wanted to kill me. Great Game Dude. It's awesome.

This game is awesome dude. I got my entire crew killed  :/
I could Morse code with this.

you are the first one on posting your score! Hahahaha cool, I like when people love getting electrocuted. 😂

Great score 

Yeah, She is all alone in another dimension with an undead puppet. Things are gonna get heated!! #TeamKamilla 

Just read your comic "The Fridge Monster". It's awesome and now I want a game of it. HAHAHA great work.

Thank you 🥺

thank you Ninus! It was hard to find the right song for me after trying to do it by myself with bosca hahahaha

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Challenging game. It is needed to focus properly in order to achieve greater scores. Mine was 25 :/ (Until now)

Good game! Even with more dots around there I miss many more than when there was just one. HAHAH. Good Good snake. Please add a snake eater!

Amazing game dude! It's awesome. It leads me to procrastination HAHAHAHA.

Amazing game Dude! This is a great game.

Thank you mh33!! I am glad you enjoyed the game. 

Oh it's difficult dude! Great work here.

Great game dude! My max was 8 HAHAHA I get killed to many times.

Thank you DarchanKaen! I am happy to read this.

Perfect! That gives the hint.