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Hey like many others I played your game and recorded it! I thought the idea of it was nice but it was a lot like a haunted house/walking simulator. It was easy to miss spooks if you're like me and sometimes get distracted while playing. I liked ending up back in my bedroom just for a spook to still be looking at me! Keep it up!!

I read further you used asperite. Good stylistic choice, it for sure sets you apart!

Hey I played your game as part of my twitch stream! I really enjoyed this game because it kept me guessing and on edge the entire time. Falling unexpectedly and ominous entities did the trick for me. Also, I really like your art style. Was it really done in MS Paint? 

Hey! Like many others I played the game and recorded it. I really liked this game. I was trying to figure out the entire time what might be going on and I liked the openness of the ending. That way all my ideas felt right! Good luck with your future projects :) 

I will most definitely be keeping my eye out for the release (:

Cool demo! I think the demon looked really spooky. I can't wait to see the full game and how the story unfolds, why theres a generational demon, and how the nearby murder on the radio affects Luca!! game play of madison starts around the 35 min mark, if you are interested :) 

This was such a cool cool game! I cannot wait to play your other ones. I am hoping to go back and see about the other endings. It was very fun and very scary. The atmosphere was perfect. The story was different!! :)

This is the third game I played! It was very fun. I wish I would've done more questions

This is the second game I played! It was an interesting story!! I broke it though, I think

This was such a great game! I loved the atmosphere. The ending was unclear

Really cool game! I got all the endings but I think I messed one up and didn't get a part of the phone number because of the steps I took to get there. I had so much fun playing this and the art style is so cute! The vestige has stolen my heart. 

Hey, very cool game! It was super fun to play and extremely unique. Cannot wait for the full version and for anyone reading this you should try this game out and donate if you can!

Hello, PixelDough!! When I try to start the game it tells me that unityplayer.dll is not found. I have tried re-installing and still it does not work. Please let me know if there is a fix. Thank you!