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This was cool and enjoyable for a free walking sim/puzzle game but I don't think I could see myself paying for a sequel. It made my PC run hotter than any game I've ever played before lol We made a video on our playthrough

Awesome found footage game, I've seen this becoming a trend on and I've been loving it. This one had just the right amount of spooky timing and unsettling environment to keep it interesting. Glad we checked this out for a video! (also sorry about the poor quality on the face cam, I guess the game was messing with it's bitrate)

Perfect ending to our most recent Horror Pack. We just wanted a damn place to sleep! "Playthrough" starts around 52:23

We just wanted to party with our friends, but I guess I'll never get my delivery from Pizza Butt ;( Glad we checked this out for our most recent Horror Pack, we had a great time with it. Playthrough starts around 46:37 in the video

Played this in our most recent Horror Pack, we had fun trying to find our way home amongst the rotting cow bodies. Found a little bug along the way, but we continued on walking into infinity. Playthrough starts around 30:14 in the video

Played this in our most recent Horror Pack, it was entertaining the whole way through. We should have known better than to trust Christian! Glad we checked it out, our playthrough starts around 18:19

Played this in our most recent Horror pack, we had a good time reading the notes and watching out for the funny meat man. Playthrough starts around 9:52

Started our most recent Horror Pack with this, we had fun finding out who broke in! Playthrough starts at 1:12

Had a fun time with this game. Love the setup for the story, it was engaging and interesting the whole way. Glad I checked this out for a video!

Interesting little horror game, surprised I had never seen it on here until recently. I love this Silent Hill/Haunted PS1 style when pulled off well and I think this demo had some interesting ideas. It was hard at times to figure out what to do next to progress the game, but besides that I enjoyed it. Glad I checked this out for a spooky video (:

This was such a cool idea for a game, loved the concept of getting kills to keep the timer going. Only one level but there's enough challenge that it still took a little bit to get though. Had fun making a little video on it, glad I checked it out and would love to see more interesting concepts like this in the future (:

Really enjoyed this game, I always love when old gems like this get brought back up in the present day. I appreciate this getting put on, otherwise I never would have known about it! Had a fun time with the playthrough, glad I decided to check it out for a little video!

Really enjoyed this one, it was pretty relaxing but had just enough happening to keep the interest going. Had a unique vibe compared to other walking sim games I've played and had cool dialogue. Glad I checked it out for a video (:

Made a short little video on the game, glad I checked it out (:

Had a really good time with this game, I always love a nice solid little first-person shooter, especially with how unique this one ended up feeling. Would love to see more like this (:

Love this style of game, haven't played too many rail shooters recently but I wanna look into other well-made ones like this. It's fast-paced and feels very true to the genre. I'd love to see more like it, really glad I checked this out for a video (:

I had fun with this short little horror game, pretty minimalistic and entertaining, This man-made island isn't what it seems!

This was one of the more unique horror games I've played in awhile. Lots of strange, fun surprises around every corner. I love when these types of games aren't super predictable, it definitely helps make it feel more engaging. Really glad I finally got around to checking this out for a video (:

Mug Moment

This was a whole trip, I wanted something bizarre and boy I got it lol awesome short little game, really glad I checked it out for a video

Loved the look and vibe of this game, it's a pretty interesting idea for a 3D Platformer, and getting through the level without dying was actually pretty challenging! pretty solid little concept though, glad I checked it out for a video (:

I loved how weird this was, very unique spin on a home builder game, wish endless mode had something more going on with it but overall this is one of those wild gems and I'm glad I checked it out for a video (:

Pretty short game but had a lot of charm, a good mix of unsettling and adorable, loved Umi's character as well. Glad I checked it out for a video (:

Wrong McDong is one scary clown. Who the hell gave him a permit to open a restaurant >:/ We had a lot of fun playing this, it was funny as hell and pretty entertaining, glad we checked it out for a video

Another Sodaraptor classic, I struggled a bit in this one but overall this game is SOLID to say the least, glad I checked this out for a video (:

This was a really cool little game, I loved how the camera mechanics worked! It definitely made this feel a bit more unique compared to other horror games I've played, it was a cool concept and I enjoyed checking it out for a video (:

This was a fun little experience, we loved The Crypt Terror game back when we played it so when we saw the dev made another game related to it I knew we had to check it out. I think I even liked this one a tiny bit more (:

Very unsettling game, It actually got me scared a few times. Really glad we checked this out for a video (:

I just wanted to find my brother, man lol, Had a good time with this, glad to have checked it out for a video (:

We had a great time trippin out through the station, loved the weird abstract art feel of this game and am honestly surprised I didn't learn about it sooner. Really glad we ended up checking this out (:

Been wanting to check this game out for awhile since I loved Toree 3D and Macbat so much and saw that this was from the same Dev. Loved how you pulled off the Banjo look so well and the goofy humor made it pretty entertaining, it was a fun play :)

This one was wild, didn't have much of an idea what to expect but I was decently surprised. Took me awhile to finally get around to playing this but I'm glad I did, it was a trip and pretty enjoyable (:


Loved the vibe of this game, I always enjoy seeing unique 3D adventure games on Itch, it would be awesome to see this expanded into a full concept with more levels and enemies. Really glad I checked this out (:

This was really well made for a Mario fan game, I had a great time with it. Can't believe I hadn't seen this until now, really glad I checked it out (:

I somehow hadn't seen this demo until recently but I'm so glad I checked it out. It was right up my alley with the platforming and shooter aspects both being fun and feeling really nice to play. Hope they are still working on the final version, this was a blast to play (:

Loved the concept of this game, gamecube animal crossing vibes with a spooky twist thrown in! It was short, sweet, and definitely worth checking out :)

Ended my holiday pack this year with this game and thought it was a very fun, silly take on interactions with Sayori's character. I couldn't tell if there was going to be anything dark and cursed like the original DDLC but it ended up just being a wholesome holiday story. It was a trip to hear the music again though lol (gameplay starts around 40 minutes in)

Included this in my holiday pack this year and thought it was an interesting spin on a 3D Platformer, I had a little bit of trouble with the controls but overall it was very charming! (gameplay starts around 30 minutes in)

Played this for my holiday pack this year thought this was a really fun, unique game for the holidays! Definitely made me nostalgic for old arcade shooters I played as a kid, really glad I checked this out! (gameplay starts around 25 minutes in)