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Thank you, i was so confused also it doesn't seem to work for the battlebacks so maybe I am missing something but I will definitely use them for title room. I just figured out why its cause the jpg is not png I just changed it to png and resized it. Thank you for the help.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but if you know where I put these images in RPG maker mv? Also very good art.

I forgot to respond to some people on the coding I do not care if anyone modifies this.

downloaded the correct files i think no folder unless i did it wrong?

got to level 80 something before losing

Thanks for the tips. (:

It's a good game although feels a little too hard because i keep dying because of i don't have enough health when hitting enemies. I also disenchant my items too.

Escape Room community · Created a new topic I am confused

I am confused what just happened lol i escaped although confused what happen.  Although a good game i liked it. 👍

Yea lol

Nvm i found out

How do i start the game? I am on computer.

nvm but now im stuck at the musical solo part where or what do i need

What do i do with the radio thingy

It was good although laggy the web version.

I liked it although very hard when i have no clue how the colors work

This is so confusing what are the controls also you can fall outside the map.

I loved it

I like it.

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oh ok thanks :)

This game is kinda confusing how do i get out of that room where your stuck.

Im super confused now how do i even beat the fears ive been typing for like 20-30 minutes it feels like.

agreed but my problem is how do i get animals how did you get animals.

I am speechless on the love I have for this game.

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Yeah I kinda messed the game up big time sorry lol. I will definitly  take into account what you said when i make another game or an update to this game thanks for the tips.  Also i wasn't able to make you able to name your character because some events wouldn't occur without a specific name,

Looks good

Cool, I have to update the game more cause there are a lot of bugs in it.

I like it.