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i was wrong about 1-3 months but ya know keep hoping itll come out soon

game development isn't easy

for anyone wondering

the game isn't out yet, itll be out soon (like 1-3 months if the "later this winter" is accurate)

I haven't played narrow in a while and since there's a halloween theme I might come back to the game and play it!

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This is fun but really challenging! Because the spike wall is really fast, you need to be really careful to not mess up your jumps!

This is really well made, I had a lot of fun playing it! The monsters look like cacodemons from doom, noice.

Probably one of the best games I've played on itch that have browser support.

Really good game, the ending was very unexpected (this is kind of like the comment under this one)

I was replaying it and trying to find actual glitches, but I did actually forget how to get past there ;-; thx lol

I found an area where you're forced to restart, if you go into the room with 3 buttons and you bring one box by putting it on the button and pausing to get into the other room, you have 3 switches and 2 items, yourself, and the box, so you are unable to get past. (or I'm just stupid)

16 love lean per second, now my hands are sore

283/300, I looked everywhere lol

I got trapped in a room that says 'nothin here yet'

ah yes

this game is so fun and everything looks so cool!!! 

I have 鈭 social credit, john xina is supreme

 why... just why

This game is a piece of art. It should be in the Louvre gallery.


but anyway this game is wonderful

this is so cool! not too scary, but still fun!