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Wow, Nicely done. Game is hard but at least i managed to save two of them. And the best part is its music.

The music is great. Loved it and that shake effect too. 

Thanks for playing Perfect Landing and making a review video.

I'm glad that you liked it. Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

I tried to resolve flickering problem but failed, I think i'll have to change whole road texture. 
I'll try to fix other problems in next update.
I am glad that you liked the concept and you enjoyed it.

I am happy to see that someone justified the title. I am glad that you liked the game. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing and giving you valuable feedback.

1st point - wow!! why dint that come to my mind first. Will do that.
2nd point - Still looking for a solution for that flickering.

3rd point - Will smooth camera transition in next update.

Thanks for the feedback.  Yes it is difficult to land on the truck but you can improve your distance. I'll change routes and truck's speed and will add more features in future update.

Thanks for the feedback. I am planning to bring other features and also to improve current content.