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This is probably my favorite horror game I've played. I've had such a blast pretend ing to be a corporate shill that I enjoyed it.


The sound of santas clapping ass cheeks had me, not gonna lie. This was a fun christmas experience. The driving was difficult but it was all worth it just to see santas thicc dumptruck. 

The jumpscare was kinda cheap and there wasn't much to it. I still enjoyed it for what it was but I hope you expand on it.

This was interesting and odd, but in a creepy I just got eaten by a fat cat kind of way.

I love this game.  This was well made. 

Game starts at 6:50 I enjoyed this 40 ft monster. 

I succeeded on my date yes! First game.

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I got stuck, but I enjoy this game so much. This was definitely a spooky experience. 

This was pretty fun. I feel like the timers are a bit too short but other than that I enjoyed myself...well until I kept falling because of the time that is.

The beat at the end of the game got me so hype I made like a 10 sec music video for it at the end haha, I was feelin it man. The game was also pretty fun. Pretty straight forward.

I tried to get the good ending but I couldn't figure out how to. The map was small enough but man it's difficult. I took the bad ending instead.

Not gonna lie, I got jumpscared and I enjoyed this game so much.

I got all the ending except for the secret ending. I don't have the slightest clue how to get it.

My boy Boris is back. I enjoyed this game and it made my hyped to bendy and the dark revival. 

This game was pretty cool. I was hoping for more spooks since my enemy stayed in the main part and didn't follow me at all. Might have been a bug but I enjoyed it. 

This was really cool. Ive seen some of scp cb, but this game has made me even more interested in the whole scp as a whole.

This is my gameplay 

This had a great atmosphere. 

I'm glad you liked the video. It had a good jumpscare and it made me laugh.

It was a very spookyting indeed. I loved the ending haha. A throw back to death trips. The game starts at 7:00mins in.

I absolutely loved this game. I don't know why but I had a blast. 10:56 is when the game starts.

The jumpscares got me in the first half. Unfortunately it didn't mix things up enough to have fresh scares. Love the game though and had fun. The game is the first video in the 3 scary games.

This was amazing. I don't have sleep paralysis so it was cool to see how it would be like if I did have sleep paralysis.

I loved this game. I got a little confused at one point, but I figured it out.  Hope you had a good Christmas.

I love cryptids. Mothman being my second favorite I had to play this. Loved it, wish it wasn't so short though.

The voice acting had me dyin. "Come and get some crunchy boi" 

I loved the style of this. I didn't listen  to the dude but I wonder what would have happened.

I love this game/ Not gonna lie though I was terrified to play this but Im glad I did.

If only taxes were this easy. I enjoyed the surprise horror aspect of it.

I loved the atmosphere. Had me on my toes the whole time.

Awesome short horror game. CHOCOLATE!!!!

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This has to be the best backrooms game I have experienced. Very well made and creepy.