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Author needs to learn how to use 7zp and his ultra pack.

The size of the game has already grown a lot.

That's an interesting idea. And I like the graphics.

Author hi.

I downloaded for free at first. But after I played I went back and paid money. I see that you tried and made an interesting milf game.


I can use this in my game.

Please give me a link to the license to use it.

As written above, it is very similar to a neural network error.

I looked closely and it looks like the girl's fingers were also generated incorrectly, but then corrected. This is noticeable.

The author you are cool, you have a very high quality graphics.

You don't depict the girl's vagina correctly.

Here's a screenshot that shows it.

Please don't worry. I'm used to reading ranobe through google translator. We understand that you do not have a huge budget to hire native speakers.

Please keep developing.

There is a lot of content in the game and there is a lot to play.

But for some reason the author made very weak sex scenes. It's animation in a few frames. And there is a problem with the sound.

If I want to play a card game there are a lot of them. But sexy card games are few and far between and your game could be very popular. But you have to improve its main feature. Sex scenes need to be made more lively and with sound.

Author please improve the sound in the sex scenes.

And add a gallery!

Thank you author!

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I downloaded it for free.

Played and realized that I need to go back and pay the author!

Author thank you for the game! You do a very good quality!

Do not download this game.

It has no sounds.

It has no gameplay.

This is too little even for a demo!

They are too young. So do not create a hot mommy!

I liked this set.

I will give him life!

Thanks author!

Thanks for the game!

You have good taste in women!

My eye rejoices!

Hello. Does this plugin work?