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this was worth it, i honestly wasnt huge on the silence so i had katana ZERO's OST playing in the backround and it made the game a whole lot more serious. But it fit the true ending pretty well. Overall, a good game 10/10- it was B R E A T H  T A K I N G.

wish i could play, but its not available for mac :(

uh this game is so amazing I don't think i can put it into words. I legit was brought to tears at least 5 times while playing the game, it was so funny, and the characters are all so amazing. The representation is so amazing, and at the end, the message is so amazing too. If i could erase my memory to be able to play this game for the first time again i most definitely would. Thanks game devs, ya'll made my day a million times better.

The plot is short, but really powerful, and the art??? It is so beautiful, and the warm color palette is so amazing, even for the cold storyline. This was a great game to play, and theres so much to unpack from it. Great job devs, ya did good.