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A member registered Dec 04, 2019

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fxukcing insane game i extremely moved best game recent i've ever played in few years (sorry for f word) 

 can i expect after story or update though?

crazely fun 
best annoying moment i'v suffered in 2020 

waiting full game 

this game hit my mind

nice !

fucking gorgeous ! very difficult and annoying to me but not stressful 

please make your progress like this~ 

thx for fantastic game

 lovely graphic, cat&maid, nice combat system fresh game concept 


진짜 훌륭한게임입니다.. 신박하고 애니메이션도 깔끔하고 

really fantastic game ! creative, newable and smoothly rendered animation

really good i loooooooove this creative adorable game

제가 별로 좋아하는 류의 게임은 아니지만 신박한 아이디어와 보스가 있다는 점에서 높은 점수를 주고싶습니다

Actually i merely like this type of game (climbing, avoiding abstacle) but amazed your creative ideas and having boss battle  

진짜 대단한게임입니다.  무엇보다 스토리라인이 마음에 드네요 스토리와 설정이 부족하고 그래픽만 좋은게임이 많은데 둘다 완벽합니다.

really awesome game. Recently most of games focus on only graphic But this game has great story and background too. 

간만에 재밌게 플레이했습니다. 완성기다립니다~

i reaaaaaaaly enjoy this game hoping  it relesed soon as possible !