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Thank you so much!!! I'm developing a new game right now, so keep an eye open for that :D

LOL if you're still having trouble with getting the robo dick other endings , I made a walkthrough you can follow! :D

LOL the full game is out!! Check it out if you haven't! :D

More reasons to choke on water hahahahah

"doki explosion" is such a great expression, definitely saving it to use later hahahhaha thank you so much for playing and for also leaving a comment! I do have an on going project, and I hope you can play it as well when it's ready! thanks for the support <3

Well goddammit I'm blushing now hahahhah thank you so so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I tried my best to bring this game to life, and it brings my so much joy when I see a comment like yours. Thank you!! <3 I wish you the best of wishes as well darling!

I'm so glad you had that reaction because that's definitely what I tried to do with the game hahahahha that sprite of him biting his lip was the worst hahhahah I got embarrassed every time I looked at it lol thank you for playing!

aww, thank you for such a sweet comment, darling!! I'm glad you liked it!

THANK YOU ♥♥♥ especially for patiently waiting all this time! oh yeah, that expression had me covering my face in embarrassment every time I looked at it hahahha I'm thinking about making a sequel, we'll see! (English isn't my first language as well, so we're in the same boat, don't worry lmao)

thank you!! (*/▽\*) omg, you were probably so confused at the beginning hahahh

thank you for playing and for this sweet message!! I didn't think people would like the game this much hahahh it makes my day every time I see a message like this <3

aww don't cry (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥) I hope you got the romance ending later on! I hand picked the songs one by one, so I'm super glad it worked out hahahh

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!! "Negative social skills" hahahah that's also me right there

If you're still having problems with the endings, I made a walkthrough!

Thank you!! The flirting was the most fun part to write hahahah I'm glad you liked it! Have you got the romantic ending yet? haha

Hello! I'd love to, but that'd take a long time, which I could spend working on other games. I hope you understand. And like PurpleShy already mentioned, the game's pretty short, so I hope the 'choose chapter feature' works well enough :)

Oh my, darling! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it ♡♡♡

 Thank you so much, PurpleShy! If you need help with the endings, send me a message on tumblr :) 

And yeah, I learned the hard way not to make any promises hahahh thank you for the support since the demo!! ♡♡♡

The cat is the best part of this game, love it

Thank you ♡ I'm working hard to release the full version soon!

Thank you! Yeah, I didn't find one, so I had to do one myself hahhah MTT is awesome like that :D

Oh, you noticed that!! I'm so happy hahahha thank you for the sweet comment, the full game should be out soon :)

aww, you're the beautiful one, thank you! Toodles!

Thank you! ♡( ◡‿◡ )

Well, not all of them will be featured, but they will be mentioned though!