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Can we make any game like horror, maze type etc?

or Just open world games are allowed?

you submitted this game to other jams which I guess is not acceptable

plz reply!

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May I know what kind of games can be made and can we use any game engine?


Z-Jam '22 community · Created a new topic Other Country

I am from India can I participate?

So, I just want to know that can we use any other engine?

I thought we could use any Game Engine, But nope, So I don't think that I will be able to participate in this jam

What are the results?? Please kindly reply

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I hope at least one of us wins this competition

Hi... I am from India can I participate in Your Jam plz...

ok, then I am sorry I can't participate because I don't know how to use daScrip and dasbox

Can we use a game engine for our projects like Unity, Unreal Engine?

I am 100% sure that fruits are added in this game


GDKO Round 1 community · Created a new topic Multiple Games

Can we submit multiple games?

necesitas un mínimo de 6 gb de ram

you need minimum 6gb ram

Actually the camera is rotating 

using arrows you have to escape from the hexagons

Hi, Can I submit a game which can be played in windows ?

It's not getting in air it's falling down

Where it will be announced ?

Who is the winner ?

Ok!!, thanks for the information.

When will we get to know our final results ?

Thank you all.

is it ok if I submit pre-made games

umm... so, like at which date you're thinking or expecting to announce the results

When will we get the results ?

So is it ok if I make survival, endless or open world game

"it's not a bug"? can anyone explain me

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Very amazing game


Do we need to upload any video??

Can we submit more than 1 game??