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The pleisir of the text.

Thanks for the imagery.

I like this idea.

A walking simulator adaptation of the poem that ends with the poem itself.

Thanks for making it.

Looks good.

Too bad it's not optimized for Seated Mode (no locomotion, snap turning).

Not a fan of "sentimentality" but this feels good.

I like the final image of the food.

i love the concept

I like how moody this game is.

Just keep walking.

this game is about "class struggle"

our jimmies are eternal

i gave up

one word: mind-altering

the limited draw distance adds to it's unreality

that was slow and excruciatingly painful...but it feels good

dream on

The virtual is always the return to Plato's cave.

The giantess represents the anima.

 ‘the voice stands in opposition to language’

This game is about "becoming".

a very interesting minimalist austere mood-atmosphere-sound-place walking sim


so chill
so cozy

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An interrogation and execution of an Asian body.

The ending basically says:
"There is no body. The body is an illusion.

Can this be run in VR?

fervour whispers caress
carries me away
where light falls

can this run in VR?

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reminds me of Obra Dinn, Bioshock & Magnetic Rose
i like the whole reporter/detective/investigator as shamaness feel
the experience feels "complete" despite it's brevity
thanks for making

i find myself clapping
my hands upon finishing it
thank you for making

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that was refreshing
kinda wanna see it in VR
thanks for making

it was a little bit of a drag
but i kinda like the feels
with the music

so cozy so relaxing

but i do find myself wanting to tweak the camera a bit (rotate & zoom in/out) with the mouse at times

thanks for making

stumbled upon this game today

really like the cozy feel

thanks for making

just found out about this game

cool sia

I like the overall cozy feel and idea of archaeological exploration glyph deciphering aspect of the experience.

I don't like the locomotion though.

Thanks for making.

i love these trippy vr stuff


One question: How do you map the hand-tracking data to the duck's beak?

Thank you and have a good one.

The 'functional truth' is also part of the illusion.

Hi and good day.

I was wondering what are you using for the lipsync animation?

Thank you and have a good one.

on a different note, this MV comes to mind

ヨルシカ - 左右盲(OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube

have a good one

so wholesome

I like the idea of a florist simulator cozy game.

Light upon light.