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Nice game, but it  needs a "come on TARS" button that says "come on TARS" in a crusty low-fi sound sample.

@subpixel - thanks for heads-up! I'll leave a note to encourage people to download standalone version :)

Thanks for amazing feedback!
We have released post-jam patched version which mainly fixes problems in main menu, for ex. one where you could still move in menu, when level was loading in the background, sometimes causing confusion.
Additionally you can play on Mac now. We have Linux build too, but it's experimental. It doesn't work on some machines, (if you have problems, try adding -force-opengl on running in terminal).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and let me know how are the new builds!

Yes we have permission and additionally you can see all authors in Credits :)

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Yes... unfortunately we never had time to polish Linux version, that's why we have left it as an experimental.
Thanks for log, I'll try to find some solution.

Thanks for your support! We decided to create full-blown retro fps. I hope to share more info in a near future. It will have lots of awesome content worth spending money :)