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thanks brother.  Thanks for your great respond

Hey dude . wanna make a game together?

Hey dude . wanna make a game together?

Ok i am waiting for you in future games

Regarding the controller, I tested it for PS4 and it worked, and I wrote in More Information that the Sony 4 controller works and I don't have another controller to test. Regarding Camera Angles, this is a game with a fixed camera mode, and I want to add a third person during the updates. Regarding the story, I put a lot of notes for you to read, but you didn't read any of them. When you don't know about the process of making a game by someone, I suggest you to go and see the Dev logs on YouTube. Regarding free, I always put 2-3 days free when publishing the game. This is my routine. And at the end, give me your PayPal email  and I will return your money and I suggest that if you don't know how to play, never try. This will help the gaming industry a lot

i wanted Surprise y bro :D

Hello dude . There is no portuguese language in game but it is not problem because the game does not have much words . most of the game is playing not the words. u can understand what is going on.

Send me your discord or email

Thanks Dude . and you Got That trap for Mr. X XDD

Sure Dude Your Work is Awesome . I was planning to get a name from your channel in the best possible way. you are the best.

Send email

Ok . if you see a bug or a problem say me i will fix for you

Hello dude . I updated this . Don't worry.

thanks for playing . Please follow me so you can notify my games

Where is the Textures? i bought and no textures there

Thanks for playing

yea this it has some bugs that I did not see and players can see that.  I will fix that

Thanks For Playing . I will Fix That 

Ok i will send


thanks for playing dude . The framerate is 18 . Because I caped it .be cause old school games is low fps . I can put a option to change the cap if u want.

Thanks for watching my game.I didn't force anyone to play my game and I didn't force anyone to watch my game video. This can be anyone's choice because this is an optional game and I took enough videos and photos and even made the game free for a short period of time because everyone's opinion was important and I fixed the bugs that appeared. Merry Christmas.

hello . Check this forum

Ok i will fix that soon

If you like this style of games, download **the game below**. In this game, you can dive into a world of adventures and challenges. 🎮🌟

Can i see the bug screenShot?

Lots of bugs fixed

Yes dude that supports the controller

I will do in new update

I did not understand . do you mean settings panel in the game?

thanks for playing . I will fix that soon

Thanks a lot my bro . i will fix all bugs

thanks a lot my friend!

Yo dude . I did not play missing hiker but yes .solo developers use same assets dude :)

Thanks for playing dude. Plz follow me for see my new games in future :)

and please follow me if you want to see my new games :)

Thanks a lot ;)

Thanks for playing !