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Thanks! Well that's a first… I knew I should have put more work into filtering player inputs, but this is a whole new level of broken. The worst I was able to reproduce is two selected interaction points instead of one, haha. I'll look into it for future releases.

Yep, that's correct.

Thank you for playing! :D

I've had a run-in with a similar issue regarding the button combos and came to a conclusion that it has something to do with hardware limitations, i.e. I couldn't press these combinations of keys outside of the game either. For me it was jump + every diagonal combination of arrows that's not up-right. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this or if it's even something that can be fixed. But thanks for the report anyway! I think my solution to this will be having fewer diagonal levels in the game, haha.

Well, looks like my hunch was right. I've never even tested it on 21:9 or anything that's not 16:9, haha. Thank you for the info and for the screenshot! I'll make sure to try and make it readable on all resolutions.

Thank you for the feedback! :D Your issue with chapter two is a bit of a new one though. My only guess is that it had something to do with a specific screen size. Could you share the resolution you played on?

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Thanks! Considering the kind of Slavic science fiction i've been lovingly spoofing with the Sphericon pages, the rest of it would probably be a bunch of endless ennui-drenched paragraphs on moral philosophy of shooting aliens with laser beams :)

Thanks! :D

It's a one man show, pretty much.

In a few years, give or take. But I'll make sure to remember to reply to you once the key binding is live, which will hopefully be in less than a few years! :D

Another user in the comments has had a similar error… I think it has something to do with the engine I'm using. No clue how to fix it, I'm afraid.

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Sorry to hear you've had a bad time with the demo. Key rebinding has been a highly requested feature in the feedback I've received and I'll make sure to push it higher on my to-do list.

Thank you! The demo was released about 10 days ago and the full game is still at least a few years away from being released.

Thank you, swoopie! :D Yeah, I'll be avoiding pseudo-isometric diagonal levels from now on. They're causing so many gameplay issues that the game is not worth the candle.

Thank you! A D-pad though, ouch. The platforming will be a not insignificant part of the game, but it won't feature any more diagonally-structured challenges and will be more approachable in general. I want to give players more tools and ways to explore, but making a hard platformer game is not my priority.

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Спасибо! Всегда рад сделать чей-нибудь день. :D

В будущем я собираюсь переделать вступление и избегать изометрических уровней как таковых, но если не составит трудности, можете поделиться какими-нибудь изометрическими играми, которые доставляли меньше дискомфорта? Все, кроме Bastion, что могу вспомнить я, дополнительно используют ввод мышкой.

Thank you, Lady Random! :) There actually is a controller support, but I'm not sure if every type of controller is supported at this moment. Did you use a DualShock gamepad, by any chance? I know at least one person who had trouble with it.

Thank you for an amazing video! :D Your delivery and production quality are top notch, I feel like you deserve a lot more subscribers. Thank you for a very heartfelt rating comment as well. I can already tell that it will be one of those reviews that I come back to whenever I'm down in the dumps :)

Thank you! Sure, my software list isn't particularly a secret :) The engine is Unreal Engine 4 and I use Blender, Substance Painter and Substance Designer for 3D and Photoshop for 2D.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Some dialogues in chapter two could be a little more concise than they currently are, so maybe your brother has a point. And sure enough, there will be plenty of puzzles to solve in the final game! :D

I wish there was something I could do to help you out, but I truly do not know enough about these things to assist you with this problem :(

Thank you, Stella! :)

Weird. I've never seen this kind of error before, even with my measly GTX 1050. Wish I had any kind of computer know-how to help! Do other Unreal Engine 4 games run on your PC? Do you have any other graphics cards in your PC that could mistakenly try to run the game?

Thank you! It's a lot of work, but also quite a lot of fun, so I don't mind. :) I'll make sure to include key rebinding in the next playable Mallory story I'll share. It seems to be a very requested feature.

Yup! This demo will be followed by a long drought of playable content (because I am indeed a one man team with a day job), but I'm glad it got people interested! Thank you :)

Thank you! Key remapping is very important, and I'll make sure it's in the final release :)

Sure! :) It's under «Drone, Void, Static 6» in the Soundly app.

Wish I could take credit for that audio, it was just a sound I grabbed from a free library. It is a neat one though. I'll try my best to finish it, thank you! :)

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I'm not sure I understand what kind of problem you're having. Do other UE4 games work fine on your PC? Do you have a VR headset plugged in, by any chance?

In a few years, if everything goes right.

Thank you! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

NITW is one of my all time favorite games and has been one of the main inspirations behind Mallory! Thanks for your wishes :)

Are you running it on a 64-bit Windows system? Does it display any messages?

Appreciate it, thank you :)

Thanks, Andis! :D

Thank you! :D

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Thank you for the feedback! :) I'll try to address your issues in the future.

Thank you! :O And kudos for making a playthrough video. I didn't think anyone would make it so quickly, haha.

Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it! :D