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Is the webhosted version going to be updated to 0.9.6 at some point, too?

Seems like a good idea.  Didn't really get to read much about what it was about due to strange English but mostly because I was too busy clicking words on the screen to try and stay sane and synergized and not really getting time to actually read what was going on.  I got the gist of it after going through it a couple of times.

Considering he's forcing himself on the main character at every opportunity and only interested in his own gratification... Yeah, I agree with you on that.

Ah well.  I tried to like it.  I just can't stand the Cott character.  It's well done and definitely worth a try but sadly, not for me.

I liked this game.  I was even going to support it via Patreon... then I saw you wanted $7/month for the game's monthly update.  Apparently only those with lots of disposable income are allowed to have the updated game.

Tried it.  Got the Denial ending on Day 2.   Unfortunate that the whole 'coming on ridiculously strong and accepting it' is the only way the story progresses.  Accepted the ending I got instead.  Glad others liked it though.

Game doesn't start.  Music starts but no window of any kind.  Reinstalled twice.  Given the dates on the dev log, I'm guessing there's no support for the game either

Not broken after all but an unexpected oversight?  Clicking around with the mouse didn't work but using the keyboard (Enter key, specifically) while standing before Angelo got the ball rolling again.  Odd given that the rest of the entire game didn't require keyboard intervention.  Managed to finish it so it's all good.

Tried talking to Angelo... zip.  Nothing happens.  Game's broken.  (I left after the battle with eye-patch girl to heal and came back.