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There is a recent progress update on Patreon (3 days ago).  Whether that translates to itch or not is anyone's guess.

Just an FYI:

Psst... now with so many years gone by, is there any possibility you might resurrect this?  (Or maybe a reincarnation?)

It was probably fixed then.  I use the app and the default install listed is 1.4 so that's probably the one I used.  I uninstalled it so I can't be certain which one it was.

Yep, that would be it.  I didn't realize there was another side to go to.

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I'm guessing something is supposed to happen at the glory hole but no matter what I chose, there's nothing.  Did I miss a trigger somewhere?

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Minor issue that's existed for awhile but all of the animated scenes ignore volume controls and play regardless even if you have everything set to 0.

Worldly Saviors community · Created a new topic Cobra bug?
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I played through as much as I could actively find last night and forgot to post about it when it happened, but when I went to the docks to help the eel and had the encounter with the black cobra (that venom has very interesting side effects. lol), he stayed on the screen long after I left the docks.  He didn't disappear until I entered the Tavern after.  I haven't played it since last night so I haven't tried to reproduce the bug but I felt I should at least mention it.

Edit: Now that I think about it, there was another odd thing that happened.  When I went to see Father Gustav at the chapel, after he mused about someone taking care of the pirate, the entire 'conversation' abruptly ended and I was back in the main room of the chapel again instead of sitting with Father Gustav.

This was a good chapter. :)  (Although I'm sort of sad that Oliver wasn't spitroasted between Nathan and Trent - although Trent and Gregor would be quite interesting too but by the looks of things *that* will never happen. lol  I'll just have to settle for one or the other ;) >:D ).  Looking forward to the next installment. :D

Psst... need more tiger man from the beginning of Chapter 3.  *wink wink nudge nudge*  Oh yeah, and more werewolves. :D

*pokes you with a stick*  you still alive?

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I did honestly think it might've been due to branching.  I haven't explored too many other branches (kind of single-minded focus on one. lol).  :)  (also, loved Mike from the consensual... might have to kidnap him... >:) )

I was just wondering, was this update slightly shorter than normal?  It just seems like I blasted through it a lot quicker than I expected.  In any event, I'm looking forward to the next part but I'm *not* looking forward to dealing with the frenchman (heh, I'm reminded of that guy in the second Matrix movie - Merovingian?).   He swore he would get into the MC's pants, after all.

Did this game die or is it just slowly being worked on?  Just seems to be longer than usual since the last post/update.

What I was going to try: load up the game in the previous version and roll back the story a frame or two and resave at that point.  Theoretically, that should solve the issue.  I no longer *have* the previous version so I can't do it.  Looks like I won't have a choice but to start over from scratch since getting a response on here is nigh on impossible.

Is there a way to install a previous version? Apparently, I saved at exactly the wrong spot at the end and now, with the new version, the save won't load (black screen with rotating anchor).  I probably accidentally saved on the spot that said this was the current end of the story and, with the new version, that spot doesn't exist any longer.  I habitually delete previous versions of games on itch when a new version is installed to prevent issues and inconveniences but this time, it created one instead.

It's a very good start.  I'll be looking forward to the policeman scenes. :D

I enjoyed this a fair bit. :)  I usually play the MC as a total slut in most VN and similar games; having that option is a definite plus. Glad to see it wasn't abandoned as I'm now looking forward to more. :D

Well now!  I really like the new elves.  I just wish that the elf you seduce on the production floor was the same as the one that visits that night (for no other reason than my own head-canon).  Also, is it my imagination or is Nick not the same from the first time you meet him to the Victory screen?  At first, I thought Nick and Kristan were the same person at the end.

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Actually, I don't find anything wrong with your writing.  It looks more like you're skipping over things to get to the heart of the story you want to tell.  I can understand that.  Maybe what might help is imagine you're the one in a given situation and how you would react to it... and what it might take for you to come to terms with it.  That can be as much of an adventure than the heart of the story you're trying to get to.  Who knows what might happen. ;)  (But for the love of all that is holy, no dancing teapots! lol)

I'm guessing this is what you meant by saving werewolves for future projects? ;)  I only have one gripe (not even a complaint, really) - you have a strange habit of putting the MC into situations that he just... accepts.  Not sure about you but if I were dragged into a dungeon and thrown in a cell, the first thing I'd do is look for a way to escape.  Even after, thrown into a room, I'd at least make the attempt to escape.  We're talking about a man literally dying to get to his family but now just... accepts being a prisoner with no attempt at escape (at least until dinner) - you have to admit, this is rather odd behaviour.  In any case, curious to see how this plays out although I suspect I already know the answer. lol

Not sure if the sizes changed or something but I found this one to be a little trickier.  Could be just not being used to the new progression candies.  In any case, I can think of worse things than being intriguing to Krampus (and I didn't laugh at all - it's familiar territory for me).  If he wants to haunt me, I think I can live with that. ;)

Rather envious of the MC.  Not because of where he is or the people and events but simply because of the werewolves.  That is a scene I could definitely get under... or into... heh.

Well, I can't say as I like the new art too much but only because everyone is so ... giant.  But, it *is* bara so I can't really complain. :)  I do like the story so far (although if I were in the MC's shoes, I'd be *very* overwhelmed just by virtue of personal circumstance and ability) and I'm looking forward to see where the core of this story goes.

\o/ Yay, colour!  Pleasantville climaxing (heh) again! :D

I don't think you have anything to worry about.  This has a very promising start and I'm looking forward to see where it goes. :)

Does the new content end in the dark in the gym?  You said you need to go back to the dorm but there is no option to.

I have a question and I'm posting here as it relates: True or False: The bandits raped the prince until his Blessing broke?  If true, Sciron is no better than the nobility he hates.  (noble orders guard; guard kills family; guard becomes Fallen.  Sciron captures prince; lets bandits rape prince; prince becomes Fallen).  I actually liked Sciron until that scene.  Now I think his rebellion is nothing more than an excuse to become exactly like the nobility.  Two sides of the same coin; and he and the Prince are just trading places.

I like this game - at least the VN parts of it.  The economic simulator part I could do without but to each their own.  That said, this game is odd.  All of the storylines just seem to... end.  The only one that clearly looks like it will continue is the slavery one but all the rest just... stop.  Is there not more to come or are they all going to be left open ended?  It is ... unclear at best.  Grand Duke, mermaids, pregnancy, father, rebellion, Sciron, true Blessing, etc.  These were all started then just... quit.  One after another, the story is introduced, it gets to a climax then poof.  Done.  Next story appears with no indication that the previous one will be finished or expanded or whatever.  It's bizarre.

It's okay.  If I'm the only one getting the error, don't go out of your way - especially if it's working fine for everyone else.  Any other changes may change that.

Ok, now that I've met Lupes here, I love his werewolf *and* human forms. ;)

Well that's unfortunate but not wholly unexpected.  I'll quit while I'm ahead then so as to not become invested.

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What I meant by open world VN is like the immensely popular Lustful Desires game or even Hornstown - basically games that let you explore areas on a custom map.  Beast Control (which the deepest level I got to was 17 and I absolutely love the Oni image) reminds me a lot of Grove (another incredibly popular and wonderful game with Open World elements). 

Between the Beast Control style game and the Cumdy Werewolf (and other creatures) and even the Grinding Club, I think you could make a (extremely ambitious) great open world style VN out of it. :D  Just food for thought. ;)

Ever consider writing an Open World style VN based on the characters (and circumstances, sort of) in your games? 

I wasn't able to get past the first guess.  No way to move or change any of the items or make another attempt.  The only option was to exit.

Arcane shop community · Created a new topic A Good Start
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I saw this and it looked interesting (I was also impressed with the variety of languages - don't usually see that on here).  I played it through multiple times and finally got to see everything and I really enjoyed it.  I do wish there was a third character that was somewhere between the wolf and the tiger (in personality).

This is a very good start and I'm looking forward to see how it plays out. :)

(edit: forgot to mention, in the English version, the character names suffer typos several times (both the tiger and the wolf).)

Same error except this time, it's complaining about gzip instead of br.  Chances are I don't have something on my system that other people that can play this have.  I appreciate the attempt to fix it though.

I was not expecting this game would be so addictive.  I didn't read anything when I downloaded it so I was unaware of candy pop and shaking so the werewolf was *not* happy with me taking him to the edge, then me losing. lol  And wonderful job on the werewolf!  He kept saying he's better in the sunlight but I had to disagree. ;)