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Good job ! I guess it's not that easy to talk about this kind of thing in a video game, but you did well ! It's simple but very efficient !

wow, your game is really clever. Good job, the impressive number of details makes it all !

Thanks to both of you for your nice comments, it means a lot !

That was minimalistic, but it eventually got stuck in my head. I like how simple it is, like a haiku. Thank you for making this game !

That was really great ! The BAD graphics and the music are amazing. I really love that Osamu Sato feel !

This game was really fun but I didn't succeed to kill the bug.

> Tous les plans comportent un peu de random, je trouvais que ça rendait mieux, mais je vais peut-être voir pour réduire l'écart du coup !

> Screen pour l'écran des bulletins ?

> Le moonwalk est assumé. J'espère lancer une mode d'ici à ce week-end.

> La main en flat était trop flasque, du coup j'ai laissé un peu de biseau ouais ;)

what is the problem you've encountered ? game not loading ? game not responding to input ?

Hey, thank you so much for taking some time to play the game and leave a comment !

The broken version refers to the browser version linked in the install instructions. I couldn't get the game to work properly on for some reason. I unfortunately got sick in the end of the game jam and couldn't finish the game properly, but it will come back very soon in a stable, enhanced and complete version ! It might not fit the GBJam schedule, but it feels important to me to leave the final version ot the game, stay tuned !