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Thank you for playing and for the detailed feedback, we appreciate it very much!

Thank you for playing! And yes, we are working on both accelerating the physics and a fast mode that directly gives you the face :)

Hey there! Thanks for playing and reporting this problem. Dice rolling off the stage is unusual, but it still happens for some reason. You might've just stumbled upon a very good solution for us, so we'll be implementing this! Thanks again :)

Thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing! We'll try to fix everything :)

Thank you for reporting! We had no idea about this issue, we'll look into it, thanks :)

Thank you for playing and thanks for the detailed feedback! It helps a lot :) We'll be fixing all of this soon.

We'll be working on that! Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, we've been told several times that the dices are slow to use. We're thinking of ways to accelerate the process, and your idea is very helpful! Thanks again :)

Thanks :)

Thank you for reporting this to us, we'll try to fix it soon!

We're sorry to hear that evasion wasn't up to your expectations. We'll try to control the randomness of it a bit more.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for the feedback, we will work on it !!

Hey, sorry to hear that.

Could you tell us how did you throw the dice and where it fell?

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Hey! Nice game and great page! 

Would you mind answering a question for us? My team and I have been trying to use the same font you used for this page for our own. We found it on the internet as "04b_03", but we can't find it on google fonts. We were wondering how you managed to use it here? Thanks in advance! :)