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For some reason, when I boot up this game it will just stop at a black screen with the lunaris icon in the lower right corner. I'm not sure whats going on or if this is a common error. Could someone help?

Unfortunately this game doesn't seem to be  working  for me. I'm trying to play  on a mac and every time I  try to open the game I just get an error message saying the game cannot be found.

I just get an error message saying 'the application  "game" cannot be opened'. I don't usually have problems opening files of the same type so that   leads me  to believe there's some kind  of corrupt  file in it?  I tried downloading twice just  to  make sure it wasn't a one off glitch but I got the same result

Hello, it appears the mac demo download isn't working. I'm wondering if i'll have the same problem if I buy the full game?

Really like what i've seen  so far of the game but unfortunately there seems to be a bug and i'm unable to save anything. For the record, i'm a mac user.

ahhh none of the mac or web versions are working for me. were the bug issues never resolved?? i'm so disappointed this game seems so interesting.