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Its okay kael, your health is more important, take good care of yourself

I played the game and enjoyed it so far, but something happened at the expedition with the rogue cat, the part where citrine tackled the cat, the dialogue repeats back to the point where citrine found the attic door

Take all the time you need, we understand, now could you take the shotgun down now pwease?

there's a dialogue at john's route that gets duplicated(that scene where cole interrupts jayce's and john convo during the PE shirt size scene)

I replayed every route again during this new sprite update and discovered that i haven't encountered that scene with rask and the cabin before skl, overall still loving the story and keep up the good work

Yayyy new update, hunted for both CG when you mentioned it at the end. Skl, saw a minor bug at the maccon route, where david dashes stealthily from sir zale(even tho he's already at the seat due to the collar-wallet scene) 

eeey new update, downloaded it immediately, the art style and animation is so fantastic, keep up the good work, i give you and your VN a thumbs up

Why is it saying version 10 on android? 

Holy moly this update is sooo good, This VN is by far one of the best i've read, i've been reading Repeat for a year now and formed some theories but this update has given a lot of supporting details about my theories about Echo. Shirokoi your works are super good, if only i have some money to support you on patreon i would. Keep up the good work and will look forward and wish you good luck on your new VN