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It has always been my dream to someday build a massive, ungodly, purloiner of the sky. And suddenly, today, that dream came true. And after I had spent seven hours of my life doing nothing even remotely productive, I did it. I excessively describe to you; Dreadnought Fortitude. It has a max armour value just short of 750,000  /-  10 engines  /-  A firepower value of 84.9%  /-  a dozen propellors matched with a dozen rudders  /-  4 unique respawns  /-  fully stocked munition cabinets along the entirety of the dreadnought  /-  all of that, encased in double shell-armour plating. And armed with an excessive amount of cannons and gatling guns. I attempted to load it into the sandbox, just to test out the halls and guns. But then, I stared in dismay at the error message. Only 1,000 parts max. I checked the board. 1507 parts.  And finally, I cried a little. At least it was a blast to design and construct. Thanks for that, at least!