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Started playing the game a day or so ago, and I'm having a save issue. No matter how many times I save, when I go back to the game after a power cycle, all the progress is lost, and I'm back at a pervious save. Playing the game via a backbit pro cartridge and played on both a C64 and C128 (Both NTSC)

Also, would it be possible to change the button layout for the keyboard controls? I find the current layout to be awkward.

Was just curious on when will the 1.2 update come out with the pause button?

It's a fun game, I just wished it had a high score table (but that's my only nitpick).

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Great trilogy. Only issue I see (unless there's something I overlooked) is that it doesn't save the high scores.


After playing the trilogy for a bit, having an option to go back to the game select menu would have been nice.

Great game that's fun to play. Only nitpick is that it doesn't save your high scores in the hall of heroes, and it goes back to the stock high scores.