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My 7DRL entry was web-based, and is playable in the browser. I want to release an updated version at some point with some changes.  I am pretty inexperienced with and so I don't know what might be the best process for this, though. If I edit the game and push a new version, it would seem like it would remove the old version -- which I'd like to keep there as the 7drl version as it was finished for the event. I think I could have multiple versions if they are downloads, but as this is browser-playable, it would be nicer to avoid that, I think.

Is there a way to have multiple versions of web-based playable games without making a whole new game page? What are peoples solutions for this? Thanks!

Thanks for playing and the comment! Much appreciated. I agree as well, it ended up too sparse and a bit too easy.  I ran out of time at the end to tune it more once everything was working! 

Thank you so much for playing and your comment! Those are good and helpful criticisms/ideas. I ran out of time to test it more and tune it more -- I worried it would be too hard at first so I went probably too far in the other direction.

I plan to make a post-challenge update that tries to find a better balance with being difficult but not impossible (hopefully!).