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Does this tileset include any interiors?

Ramza, while under most circumstances I wouldn't want to change this - the plugin has worked great for its clearly intended cases! - is it possible to disable or evade the functionality where, while attacking with one weapon, the stats from the other weapon are ignored (I think the code treats it like you've unequipped the other weapon)? 

I'm considering a specific use case like West of Loathing, where the player has equipped both a melee weapon and a gun, gets what what is effectively a FIGHT command for each weapon (using only the damage formula for each), may have skills that key off of the damage formulas specific to either weapon, but still always gets to retain the stat boosts from each weapon.  It seems I could do all of that with Dual Wield and Weapon Formulas, except that at the very moment of attack one would un-equip one of the weapons.