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Ahhh thank you!! This is lovely!!

Haha it is really difficult to get more dads. You have to roll total success and only some of the encounters will give you a new dad.

There is no way to see the dads' stats right now but that is a feature we want to patch in for sure! Hopefully we can get that in within the next couple of weeks or so. 

It may have been an inspiration...

[company name] is here for you!

Thank you. I wish you a CmerryS hristma!

Woah I'm really flattered! Thank you so much :D

Thank you very much! I used Unity. :)

You'll need to use the spoon on the painting with the eye.

Actually your comment inspired me so I just patched it now haha.

Look for a painting that's different from the rest. There's a bug where you can't examine it with E haha. I should probably patch that....

Haha thank you very much! It was going to be a one time thing but I may come back to it in the future.

I really like the concept and the visuals!!

Uhh there should only be one happy lock so that might be a bug if there is two. If so I apologize!

If you're at the door with the happy lock then you'll have to use the knife on something in the environment to get the key.

There is another match is that helps!