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This game was an absolute delight to play through! Very impressive that this was put together over a weekend.

I hope we can see some added content down the line.

In case anyone is interested in seeing the game in action, here is my playthrough:

I made a quick tutorial on using NESBox on Xbox One for those needing help:

Hi there!

I love the concept here. The art is adorable and the music is great. That said, I'm having trouble actually playing the game. I'm not sure if I am missing something, but I am unable to scroll through the world, zoom out, or explore. I'm basically locked to the starting planet from the get-go. Any advice?


Nintendo strikes! But the memory of No Mario's Sky will go on:

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This is incredible, and to think you guys made it in 72 hours is remarkable. Others mentioned it, but I did run into a couple of clipping issues with blocks, had to jump my way out. Also, landing seems to be kind of sticky, you lose almost all momentum when you land from a jump. Would love to see gamepad support as well. Otherwise, I'm loving this so far! Thanks for sharing it with the community!

Here's some gameplay if anyone is interested: