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One of the best games on this site, and one of the strangest and strangely emotional games I've played. I love weird little games like this

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This game is great, I really hope you continue to develop it to its full potential. 

I don't have a ton of advice but here are a couple things I think could be improved:

- Battles were completely reactive. This is fine, but sometimes I felt like I needed some kind of proactive action to take other than just dodging what the enemy sent at me. I don't know what could fix this, or even if it really is a problem, but I felt I should mention it.

- Another thing I noticed was that because the sounds play as the attacks (notes?) are created, the optimal player movements often don't sync up with the beat. In a lot of musical games it feels great to move with the beat, especially when you are rewarded for it. Maybe a small bonus for moving in time with the beat, such as a combo that ends when you move offbeat? I don't know. I just wish that my movements were incentivized to be better in sync with the music.

- A small thing that makes a huge difference for me and many other players: you need to implement a way to change text speed or allow for skipping the writing animation. I was often pressing space wishing that it would complete the text box instantly so I could read at a faster pace. It doesn't impact gameplay but it really helps and shouldn't be very hard to add in.

That's all the bad stuff I could think of, so here's all the stuff I really liked:

- I love all the characters, especially how they move as they attack you. My favorite was the ATM and its crazy erratic movements and expression changes. I also really like frog (especially his song) and hope he becomes a recurring character later on. 

- The battles are fun. They become really engaging when they're hard. If I judged only by gameplay my favorite fight would be the last because of how many things you need to dodge at once. Gets you into a good flow state.

- I like the weirdness. It makes the world really fun and interesting. I hope that the weirdness actually applies to stuff though. Like the ATM requiring your soul actually being just how ATMs work in this world instead of it just being a funny moment. It's a little hard to explain what I mean here, but if you've ever played Mibibli's Quest it's a good example of quirkiness affecting gameplay (it has a musical level with DDR projectiles in one level)

- The game feels pretty good. I like how the backgrounds pulse with the beat 

-EDIT: I almost forgot: the visuals are great. I love the aesthetic and atmosphere

Overall, I'm really happy I stumled on this game. I think it has a ton of potential

Pretty fun, but very basic.

Movement feels good, except for the wall jump which feels inconsistent. Maybe make it push you away from the wall?

If enemies had more complex behavior (or just different behavior, doom style) the game would be more interesting.

Overall, pretty fun. I like it

Definitely the best game I've played from this jam. So much polish on top of a great idea and challenging puzzles

Thanks, I've been thinking about maybe starting a new project using this game as the prototype in the future. Hopefully if I do it will be a little longer than just three levels

Thank you! yeah, the collision was a big problem but I didn't have enough time to fix it without sacrificing other aspects of the game. I wish that I did, because bad collisions are extremely frustrating